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Food AdditivesVarious natural food additives, including natural sweetener, stevia

food additive

PharmaceuticalNatural extracts for pharmaceutical ingredients, such as natural medicinal herbs


Cosmetic IngredientsLicorice Extract for anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic effects

cosmetic ingredients


Continuous efforts to achieve
a new beginning of natural materials domain


R&D of new natural substances for foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals

Daepyung established a new materials R&D center for natural substances in 1999 to develop and secure advanced technologies for natural substances of foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical ingredients.
We research and develop a wide range of new natural substances with our outstanding researchers, cutting-edge equipment, and networks with renowned R&D institutes. We are expanding the R&D programs to biotechnology based on advanced separation and refining technology.


Environmentally friendly process and
Quality control for complete customer's satisfaction


Optimal equipment and processes to produce products with excellent quality

Daepyung’s Hamchang Plant features equipment suitable for producing the highest quality of steviol glycosides, various food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical ingredients(BGMP). As a comprehensive manufacturer of natural additives, our factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities to provide complete customer satisfaction.



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